Property for sale in marbella spain

Today I can present you one offer of a luxury house if you are looking for a house for sale – property for sale in marbella Spain
Next to the entrance to the back of the house we can be the first to see a large garage, which is yellow and very spacious. The garage can be operated with the buttons – so when you arrive at the house, just press the button and the garage will open itself at a brisk pace.
Next to the garage we can see a relatively old mysterious tree, which has been standing here for several years and makes the house more and more mysterious. The house is bordered by a white wall. The windows of the house are obscured by curtains of silk and the biggest crown is given to the blue sky, which together with the tree causes mysteries.


When we enter the first room, we can see as the first living room, it has a luxurious sofa, there are several chandeliers that are red and blue light. Furthermore, we can also see a palm tree that stands in the corner of the room and a picture of a car (so the owner will probably be a big fan of cars).
Furthermore, we can see a spacious kitchen for cooking decorated in white, so it can give a very calm and elegant impression. We move to the living room, where there is a second luxury sofa (this time in white, the previous one was gray) and two tables – one is relatively small and the other larger. Both are in a beautiful beige color. Furthermore, we can see the large gray-black stairs that lead to the next floor, where there is a beautiful bedroom with large canopies and there are chandeliers that shine with a beautiful yellow light. Next to the bedroom is a bathroom with two large spacious bathtubs, ideal for relaxing and unwinding in a house with a large toilet, which is very spacious.
Type of advertisement: Sale

Number of rooms: three + spacious bathroom, kitchen and garage
Property price: five hundred thousand euros

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