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Generic Cialis is a highly effective orally administered drug for treating erectile dysfunction, more commonly known as impotence. Recommended for use as needed, Cialis can also be used as a daily medication.

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Buy cialis for cheap. All the major drug companies had to get involved." To that end, a coalition of small drugmakers have been working in recent years to lobby the US Congress, which has oversight of the National Institutes Health. Most of pharmacy online germany the companies are based offshore – including Johnson & and Pfizer – or in countries such as Singapore. In a piece for the New Canada drug pharmacy free shipping code York Times, a former Pfizer sales rep said the force had begun to work through the UK and overseas corporate channels, in a bid to persuade legislators that "we are a world leader in helping people access these drugs" to treat their chronic conditions. "At present, there are no specific rules that define pharmaceutical sales in the United States," said Michael Fuchs, a professor of pharmaceutical at the University Rochester Medical Center. "We have all sorts of legislation about medical devices in the UK, about tobacco, GMOs (genetically modified organisms) – but it's never actually applied to pharmaceuticals." Many of the multinationals that made case before Congress, in the hope of lobbying US government to change drug distribution regulation laws, were backed by pharma firms such as the companies that manufacture Viagra and Cialis, which spent $200m to make the case. companies also used same buy cialis professional cheap playbook to defend the role of American pharma in the health system across Europe. "They didn't ask for US government input into their operations," said Jonathan Einhorn of Medscape, a non-profit health-research group. "They simply took the case to Congress and said: 'This is our fight, let's show the world how we care for our customers.'" Pfizer declined to comment. In an email the Guardian, it said: "The Pfizer UK unit is one of the largest and international businesses outside the United States. Pfizer UK is involved with international operations the support, knowledge and support of Pfizer. Pfizer is a publicly held company and is neither a public company nor publicly traded company," before adding that it had "no control as to whether the UK Parliament has acted in good faith, or bad faith". An NHS spokesperson said: "It is important that UK companies are transparent about their operations and that are performed in other countries, particular where medicines and products are not produced under licence or licensed in the UK." "While we are committed to meeting the needs of UK consumers, there is no question that are challenges," the spokesperson added. "There are also many opportunities for innovative medicines developed by UK companies that can provide value for consumers in other parts of the world. There are already numerous examples of where it works. "This does not imply that any business should not do the right thing and fair in any country – we as a government should be focused on buy brand cialis cheap doing the right thing for people of the UK and not doing everything possible to make our markets more attractive"

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